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SuperBub's Gift is an annual campaign in celebration of Braeden's birthday. This effort seeks to support the needs of families being cared for at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital. 

SuperBub's Gift is our way of giving back to the hospital that gave us so much. Each year we collect and donate gifts for kids of all ages, as well as money, which is turned into "Braeden Bucks," then deliver them on or near Braeden's birthday, which is May 16. 


​Braeden Bucks are coupons given out to patients at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital by the child life staff in the areas that Braeden spent most of his time in: oncology, radiology, and PICU. By giving Braeden Bucks you help encourage, reward bravery, and make kids smile through a difficult time. Braeden Bucks can be used toward an ice cream cone and give kids a smile and a bit of encouragement after a tough day.

***Donating to the Braeden Buck program is tax deductible


​Kids being treated for cancer are still kids, and even though they may be stuck in the hospital, tied to IV pumps and monitors, they still just want to be kids. The staff does an amazing job of keeping them active and engaged, but they can't do it without our help. Through the generous gifts of people like you, we deliver hundreds of gift cards, gifts, toys, rolls of paper, arts and craft supplies, toiletries, electronics, clothing, and more to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital. All these things help make a family's stay at the hospital just a little bit better.  
***Donations are not tax deductible